Stand Up For Video Games in the National Violence Debate

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Zero Punctuation reviews gaming regulation.

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Heading out to a midnight launch for the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One? We want to give you a chance to win something to go with your shiny new video game system, just for spreading the word about the Video Game Voters Network!

Spread the word about video game ratings

We know you know the ESRB ratings, but there are many who still may need guidance in choosing video games for their families...

Spreading Indigenous Culture Through Video Games

How does an indigenous culture share its history in a world that's moving away from the paper trail? Since the 1990s, videos games have been considered an effective tool to engage and educate kids in the classroom. Remember "Oregon Trail"?

Playing Video Games Can Reduce Medical Errors?

Problem: About 98,000 patients die each year due to medical error in the U.S., resulting in $17 billion to $29 billion in medical costs. Possible Solution: Playing videos games.

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